Legendary TV theme composer dies (AUDIO)

Ronnie Hazlehurst, the man behind some of TV’s most memorable theme tunes, has died aged 79, his partner said.

The composer and musician will be remembered for creating the music to accompany a host of hit sitcoms and TV variety shows, including Yes, Minister, Are You Being Served?, Some Mothers Do ‘Ave Em, Blankety Blank and Last Of The Summer Wine.

A former BBC Light Entertainment musical director, he was also musical director of the Eurovision Song Contest three times and conducted the British entry seven times.

Jean Fitzgerald, Hazlehurst’s partner, said he died peacefully in Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Guernsey.

He suffered a stroke on Thursday night and never regained consciousness, she said.

She said he underwent a heart bypass operation in October last year.

“He was just a perfectionist in his profession and a very kind and generous man – to write that sort of music you have to be sensitive,” she said.

BBC executive producer Jon Plowman said: “He was the composer of many of the best-loved signature tunes of the last 40 years of television – and some of his work is still heard today.

“He’s associated with some of the best loved shows of our lives.”

CLICK here to hear one of Hazlehurst’s most famous tunes

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