Leon follows Leona’s example on his debut (VIDEO)

Leon Jackson has admitted he’s pleased his debut album was not ‘rushed out’ straight after he won the X Factor last year.

Speaking ahead of the hotly anticipated release of Right Now, Leon explained that he’s followed X Factor phenomenon Leona Lewis in taking a year to prepare his album.

He said: “The record company believed in me to make the best record possible that could rival the mainstream artists, there’s no point rushing out a cobbled album to be short-lived, so we took the time it needed.”

And he gave a hint about what people can expect from Right Now. “I chose that title because it describes where I am musically at the moment. I’ve tried to draw on all my influences like James Morrison and Duffy and I’ve tried to cater for every audience.”

“I’ve been working really hard on [the album] over the past year so it’s great that I finally get to share it with everybody.

Leon will be going back to his roots on Saturday night when he performs Don’t Call This Love, the first track to be released from the album, on The X Factor’s first live show.

Don’t Call This Love is out on Monday October 13, with album Right Now following on Monday October 20.

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VIDEO: Watch Leon Jackson talk about his debut album, Right Now

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