The new X Factor champion 18-year-old Leon Jackson says that he didn’t start singing until he was 16.

The Scottish teenager was inspired to start when his mother brought home a Michael Buble CD. Until then, they’d never had music in the house.

He told the Daily Mirror: “I never grew up listening to music, I would rather be out playing football. So I never had a tape player or CD player as a kid.

“Then my mum came home with a Michael Buble album when I was about 16 and I fell in love with it and that style of music.

“So I found myself singing along in the same key. Then my mum bought me an iPod and I researched that style of music and got into the likes of Jamie Cullum. I suddenly got a real passion for music and began singing a lot around the house. I turned 18 last December and then in January started going to karaoke nights at Chicago Rock Cafe in Livingston every Wednesday.

“The first song I ever did was Last Request by Paolo Nutini and then loads of people started to tell me I was good.

“I looked forward to Wednesday nights so much and if I was having a bad week at work it would cheer me up. I started to want to do music at a more serious level and applied for The X Factor, the rest is history.

Leon won The X Factor final from an initial 40,000 auditionees. His prize is a £1 million recording contract.

He paid tribute to his mother, Wendy, who brought him up alone: “My mum has been spectacular in bringing me up. She’s made me the person I am and I hope people can see the great job she has done through me…

“I’d love to get her a wee house. She likes doing the gardening and to have a bit of privacy so it would be nice.

“I also want to get her a new car and I’d love to get a Mini Cooper S for myself.”