Leona Lewis has bought a flat in Hackney and insists she won’t move to the US.

The X Factor winner has become a global superstar since the international success of her single Bleeding Love, but revealed to Hello! magazine her home will always be in east London.

The 23-year-old is in the process of buying the Hackney flat she was renting with boyfriend Lou Al-Chamma, who she has known since she was 10.

Leona said: “We were renting it, but the landlord was like, ‘You have to get out now.’ I talked him into selling it to me. When you’re settled it’s hard to move. I love the flat – it’s really private and the neighbours are cool – and it’s very close to my mum and dad.”

In March this year it was reported The X Factor judge Simon Cowell had bought Leona a £2.5 million Beverly Hills pad for when she has to go to Los Angeles for work.

The singer said: “I don’t think I’d move permanently. I love going to America, there are so many great people there and I spent a lot of time there when I was recording the album, but I like spending time between the two countries. I’m not sure I could permanently uproot myself from the UK – it would be too hard.”