Leslie Ash: I blame the booze – and myself

Actress Leslie Ash has revealed that any problems in her volatile marriage to Lee Chapman have now been resolved – refusing to point the finger at her husband for their troubles in the past.

In fact, in her new autobiography My Life Behaving Badly, the actress blames herself for many of the problems in their often stormy relationship.

The former Men Behaving Badly star and the ex-footballer had a series of public spats in which he was arrested and then had charges dropped, Leslie has stood by her man, insisting he is not a ‘wife-beater’.

“The only two people who could sort out our marriage was Lee and I – and we have. I’m looking forward to growing old together. We really get on.”

In the book, she defends him to the hilt, blaming alcohol and her unreasonable behaviour for many of their problems.

She is now teetotal, although she says that Lee still drinks (he runs a London bar and restaurant called So.Uk).

“Alcohol used to make me argumentative and aggressive. Since I’ve stopped drinking we haven’t had arguments.”

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