Simon Cowell seems ready to move on from the shake-up of the US X Factor judging panel which saw Cheryl Cole replaced by Nicole Scherzinger.

At the latest auditions in New Jersey, Simon said they should now be focusing on the real stars of the show – the contestants.

“It wasn’t really such a big deal as everybody thought… Truth is, you’ve got to move on. It’s about the contestants. They’ve got no interest in us bickering,” Simon said.

Earlier in the week, Fox and producers announced Cheryl was out and Nicole, who was originally signed on to co-host the show, would slide over to the judges table alongside Simon, Paula Abdul and LA Reid.

He said the show will not re-tape episodes already filmed that feature Cheryl.

“Show it. I mean it’s reality TV. There’s no point in lying about it,” he said. “It is what it is.”

Simon said it was a no-brainer to slide Nicole over to the judges’ table when the position opened up. “I’ve worked with Nicole before. I think she would have killed me if I had given the job to someone else.”

Simon left American Idol in May of 2010 after its ninth season. He said the absence from US TV has been good.

“I realised how much I missed working here in America. I really, really love making shows here,” he said. But ‘the gap’s been good for me because I appreciate it more now’.

It seems as if distance has also been good for Cowell and Abdul’s working relationship. “(The honeymoon period) is still going on which is really frightening,” said Paula. “It’s kind of weird and awkward… he’s actually, kind of, shall I say nice?”