Life on Mars creator brings Legion to UKTV

Life on Mars creator Tony Jordan has been commissioned to write UKTV‘s first original drama series, Legion, about a man who enters a Faustian pact to save the life of his sick child.

“The doctors are saying there’s no hope, but this father travels all around the world looking for new drug trials, and visiting clinic after clinic,” Tony explained at the launch of the channel’s upcoming programmes. 

“He finds himself in the middle of nowhere with a man who calls himself a trader. The trader offers him a simple choice: ‘I can ensure your daughter lives a full and happy life; but in return you have to sell your soul to the devil.'”

A pet project of Tony’s, Legion has been on the back burner for some 15 years while he waited for the right offer from a broadcaster.

“I could have made this show half a dozen times in the last 15 years, but it’s a really personal story for me,” says the father of six.

“Ten years ago an American network got very excited and offered me heaps of money, but they wanted the central character to have a sidekick to inject some comedy. I declined.”