Life or death drama heading for THIS Emmerdale favourite next week

There's drama heading for Emmerdale as Matty Barton faces a life-changing challenge...

Next week is huge for Emmerdale’s Matty Barton as he faces his life-changing operation in the next stage of his transition.

Emmerdale fans will know that Matty has been waiting for this surgery for months and it’s not a decision that he has taken lightly.

Matty is humiliated when a former boyfriend Isaac and his mates attack him outside the New Year’s Eve Party.

Matty was attacked at the start of this year…

Until earlier this year, the surgery was always something Matty had considered, but when he was attacked by an ex boyfriend, the horror forced him to address his future and put his name down on the surgery list.

After the attack, Matty decided that he should get fit so that he could protect himself from thugs like his ex.

But when he pushed himself too far in his new fitness regime, he ended up putting his life in danger when he collapsed.

Realising that having the life-changing surgery would help him look to the future, Matty has been counting down the days to his appointment. But now it is here, he’s understandably terrified.

As Moira comes with him to his appointment with the consultant, she ends up doing most of the taking, leaving Matty annoyed.

The pair fight and he tells her he doesn’t want her at the hospital on the day of his surgery, leaving Moira upset.

Matty Barton

Moira is worried about the risks involved with Matty’s surgery…

But thankfully the pair make up and when the big day arrives, Matty couldn’t be happier to have both his mum and his best friend Victoria by his side.

As he is taken into theatre, Moira is clearly beside herself and lashes out at Victoria, telling her that if anything happens to her son then she will blame her.

But Moira clearly doesn’t mean what she’s saying and soon apologises to Victoria, explaining that the risk of losing Matty has bought back harrowing memories of Holly’s tragic death.

Matty Barton Matty is nervous about his operation in Emmerdale

Matty is nervous before going in to surgery…

As the pair make up, it looks like peace has finally been restored… until Moira spots a nurse running towards the operating theatre that Matty is in, and she immediately fears the worst.

Why does Matty need urgent medial attention? Could Moira be about to lose yet another of her children?

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