Lily Allen defends Cher Lloyd in Twitter row

Lily Allen came to the defence of The X Factor‘s Cher Lloyd during a recent Twitter confrontation with a tabloid journalist.

Lily responded to two Tweets from the News of the World’s Dan Wootton, who wrote the 17-year-old will be ‘begging to be written about in a few months’, and ‘Love how Cher Lloyd hasn’t had one hit single yet but acts as if she’s Rihanna’.

Lily then Tweeted: “You’re a grown man for christ’s sake. she is essentially a child. Give the poor thing a break.

“I imagine she gets enough s**t from kids her own age,grown ups need not pile in. So she’s going through a phase,give her a break.”

However, Dan hit back saying: “She’s not a ‘poor thing’, believe me. Do you have an opinion on her? She wants to be treated like an adult. What I’m doing. She’s going to need support from the press.”

Lily replied: “not really. I think she’s a kid, eventually she’ll find her feet and learn from her mistakes. I do think it’s quite strange, that someone your age would be so affected by a teenager. she’s really not hurting anyone.”

Thanking Lily for her comments, Cher Lloyd Tweeted: “I can’t thank u enough! Really appreciate it! Xxxxxx”.

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