Lily Allen makes chat show ‘boob’

Lily Allen apparently shocked her chat show audience when she exposed her breast infront of guest Paddy McGuinness.

The Smile singer was interviewing the Phoenix Nights actor for her BBC3 show Lily Allen And Friends when she took out her right breast and played with it for about three minutes, according to The Sun.

Stunned audience member Rob Difrancesco, 26, told the newspaper: “Lily and Paddy were both quite lively.

“They were sitting on the sofa and she pulled out her right boob.”

“Everyone in the audience was doing a double take as Lily sat there with her breast hanging out. She kept saying, ‘It’s no big deal’. She and Paddy were giggling and she was acting like nothing was happening.

“Paddy was trying to grab her breast and he joked to Lily that she was arousing him. That’s when she started playing with her nipple.

“Lily was playing to the audience. She had her breast out for about three minutes. It was surreal.”

The 22-year-old’s flash was not caught on camera as another guest was being filmed at the time.

BBC bosses have recommissioned Lily’s show for another series despite it’s low viewing figures.

BBC3 boss Danny Cohen praised the singer-turned-host, saying: “Lily is a star. She has developed astoundingly well.”

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