Lily Allen to get her own TV show?

Popstar Lily Allen is reportedly in talks to present her own television show for the BBC.

The bolshy songstress has apparently met with Danny Cohen, head of youth channel BBC3, who is keen for her to front her own programme.

A source told the Sun: “Danny was impressed with Lily’s mature approach to life.

“He’s checked out her MySpace blog and thinks she’s just the kind of articulate young person the channel needs.

“It’s early days but he’s very keen.”

One of the ideas discussed was reportedly a documentary series about the diffcult relationship between teenagers and their body image.

Lily, 22, is outspoken about the pressure on young people to be stick thin.

She recently revealed that she was reduced to tears while on tour in America because she felt too fat.

“Lily’s really passionate about this subject and she’s a very bright girl,” the insider added.

“We are keen to do something next year after she has finished recording her new album, which should be ready in May.”

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