Line of Duty returns with a fight-to-the-death cliffhanger

Fans of Line of Duty were shocked when the main character, DCI Huntley, appeared to be about to meet her end in the FIRST episode

Line Of Duty fans were left reeling as the first episode of the fourth series ended on a shocking cliffhanger.

The BBC1 police drama returned on Sunday night with newcomer DCI Roz Huntley (Thandie Newton) on the hunt for a serial killer following two murders and an abduction.

But in tense scenes at the end of the episode, Huntley appears to have been killed in a struggle with forensics co-ordinator Tim Ifield (Jason Watkins).

They have a scuffle during a row and Huntley hits her head and collapses. But as Ifield powers up a chainsaw and prepares to dispose of the body, Huntley flicks open her eyes.

Fans are now concerned that the officer is about to meet a grisly end.

With Huntley’s life hanging in the balance, fans cannot wait for next week’s instalment of the BBC1 series.

Line of Duty continues on BBC1 on Sunday.


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