Emmerdale’s Jane Cox: Lisa is desperate and ‘goes a bit potty’ trying to support Belle

Belle is desperately ill in Emmerdale and Lisa is terrified of losing her. So she comes up with a drastic plan to keep her close

Belle is alive, but she’s far from well, so mum Lisa hatches a drastic plan to help her. Jane Cox (Lisa) tells Soaplife all about it…

How does Lisa feel now that Belle’s been found?
“She’s ecstatic as she thought she’d never see her again. Deep down, even though she didn’t want to admit it to herself, she feared Belle [Eden Taylor-Draper] might be dead. To hear she was still alive was the most amazing thing ever.”

Does she blame Bailey for what’s happened to Belle?
“She blamed him for Belle running away. But watching the way Bailey [Micah Balfour] is with her daughter and how he’s sticking by her, she can see that he really loves her.”

Is she shocked when Belle is sectioned?
“Because Belle went berserk when she saw her, she guessed something was very wrong. Bailey says he thinks it might be schizophrenia, so Lisa knows she’s seriously ill. But it’s still a shock when she’s officially diagnosed with schizophrenia.”

What will happen to Belle?
“Lisa and Zak [Steve Halliwell] are told she’ll be sent to a unit in Surrey because there are no beds available in the north. Lisa is terrified Belle won’t get the support she needs from her family and she decides to fund a place at a private clinic closer to home.”

How is Lisa going to do that?
“Well, she goes a bit potty and she’s seriously deluded. The private clinic costs £5000 a week and, obviously, she hasn’t got access to that kind of cash.”

What does she do?
“She goes to the bank, but she’s turned down for a loan, so she asks people for money. The Sharmas turn her down, then Charity [Emma Atkins] suggests she does a robbery to get the cash. That sort of thing is not Lisa at all, but she isn’t thinking straight and she decides to nick Chrissie White’s [Louise Marwood] car and get Charity to sell it.”

What happens?
Chas [Lucy Pargeter] gives Lisa the £5000 and she goes racing off to the hospital, only to be told they have already moved Belle to Surrey. She’s devastated.”

Emmerdale, ITV


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