Lisa Faulkner stars as the daughter of a mum growing old disgracefully in Jimmy McGovern’s new BBC1 daytime drama Moving on…

What is your Moving On story Skin Deep about?
“It’s about a woman called Jean, played by Jenny Agutter, who is about to turn 60. She goes to a school reunion and begins to question herself because a lot of her old friends look much younger. When she shows her daughters the photos they point out that the women have had botox and cosmetic surgery and it makes her think about having it herself.”

How does your character, Nicola, react when her mum begins having cosmetic procedures?
“Nicola is quite judgmental. She’s utterly unimpressed with her mother and wonders if she should be doing it – even though she’s had her own lips enhanced!”

How did it feel to be part of this Jimmy McGovern project?
“I loved last year’s series of Moving On, so I’m really proud to be involved in this second one.”

Have you worked with Jenny Agutter before?
“I’ve worked with her twice. She played my mum in The Beat Goes On. And then we did Spooks together, but we never actually did scenes together in Spooks. I think they’ve chosen the most beautiful women they could to play somebody who wants to have something done to herself. She’s the most naturally beautiful woman I’ve ever seen – there’s no botox there!”

What are your own feelings on surgery?
“This programme really makes you question yourself. I’m 38 and don’t think I need surgery, but ask me again when I’m 48!”

Have you found yourself inundated with work since MasterChef?
“It’s just been amazing. I’m trying to do the whole balancing act of working out what I want to do next. There are a lot of opportunities coming my way, which is brilliant.”