Lisa Kudrow shocked by ‘Holocaust’ history

Lisa Kudrow has told of her shock after learning that members of her family were killed in the holocaust.

The former Friends star is an executive producer on the US version of Who Do You Think You Are? and admitted that, while she had an ‘incredible time’ filming her segment for the series, it was also a very emotional experience.

“It was good, incredible,” she told the Metro newspaper. “I have done some filming in New York and I just got back from Belarus.

“I was tracing my family tree and I found out some members of my family were killed in the Holocaust, which was such a terrible shock.”

Lisa also joked that visiting Belarus was the craziest thing she had ever done in her life.

She told the paper: “When you land they tell you to fill out your form and declare currency over a certain amount, any agricultural goods and any radioactive materials you might be carrying. I thought that was alarming.”

It was recently reported that Lisa’s former Friends co-star David Schwimmer will be appearing in the UK version of the series on BBC1.

Lisa also denied reports that a Friends movie is in the making. “That’s a falsehood,” she said. “It’s made up.”

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