‘Little Britain’ future hangs in the balance

The future of comedy hit Little Britain is uncertain after reports that Matt Lucas and David Walliams have delayed making a new series.

According to the News Of The World the pair have ruled out making any more episodes of the sketch show in the near future as they are both working on other projects, including two new series for the BBC.

“David and Matt feel the Little Britain format could be a bit old now,” a source told the paper.

“They are now keen to concentrate on solo projects and then work on different projects together. They’re not sure if, or when, they’ll bring back Little Britain. And no new series has been commissioned.”

A friend of Walliams added, “David loves working with Matt but he’s ready to do new things and put Little Britain on the back burner. He’s been wanting to move on since the end of series two in 2004.”

Over the past six months the pair have focused on solo projects. Walliams has been writing a series of children’s books while Lucas has been working on the Tim Burton fantasy Alice In Wonderland alongside Johnny Depp. He will appear in the blockbuster as Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

He is also currently on screens in the comedy Krod Mandoon And The Flaming Sword Of Fire, being shown on BBC2.

A spokesman for the BBC told the News Of The World, “We are talking to Matt and David about some new ideas and also about the future of Little Britain.”

An insider added, “This is not Little Britain being axed. “This is just the fact that there is a big question mark over its future.”

Little Britain is one of the most popular comedy shows of the past few years, creating such characters as Lou and Andy, teenager Vicky Pollard and transvestite Emily Howard.

An American version introducing new characters was made last year but flopped.

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