Little Britain stars to move to ITV?

Little Britain twosome Matt Lucas and David Walliams could be about to abandon the BBC for ITV, according to the papers.

The Sun reports that former BBC boss Peter Fincham – who has just been made head of ITV – is keen to bring some big names to the channel – and Matt and David are top of his list.

Fincham originally signed the pair to a £6m ‘golden handcuffs’ deal at the BBC in 2006.

“There is just over a year left on the BBC deal and Peter is well known for being a friend of the stars,” an insider told the paper.

“It’s no surprise he’ll want to get Matt and David on board – they are two of the world’s hottest TV stars.One of the things ITV is sorely lacking is comedy.”

Matt and David are currently filming a US version of Little Britain for the American channel HBO, while a new Saturday night sketch show for BBC1 is in the pipeline.