The first series of Little Britain USA will be shown on BBC One in the autumn, it has been confirmed.

The show, starring Matt Lucas and David Walliams, was made in the US for cable channel HBO and features familiar faces such as Vicky Pollard and Emily Howard, and well as a host of weird and wonderful new characters.

Popular duo Lou and Andy will return alongside new creations Ellie-Grace, a potty-mouthed little girl, and gym buddies Mark and Tom.

The show’s existing characters have been put into a modern US setting for the series, which is also said to feature cameo appearances from singer-songwriter Sting, actor Paul Rudd and US chat show host Rosie O’Donnell.

Little Britain USA’s executive producer Simon Fuller said: “Little Britain USA is a show we made for HBO.

“However, we always had in mind our British audience and hope everyone enjoys the new characters as much as they do the familiar ones.”

He added: “I am proud at the same time to introduce them to an American audience. The anticipation for the new shows has been quite remarkable.”

The series is set to debut in the US on September 28 but, as yet, no air date has been confirmed by the BBC.