Live Earth: Madonna wows the crowds (VIDEO)

Seven continents, nine concerts and 150 acts after it began, Live Earth ended triumphantly on Saturday night as Madonna performed the show’s curtain call.

The event – held in cities from Shanghai to Rio to raise awareness about climate change and global warming – was watched by an estimated global audience of two billion.

And London’s swansong was handled by Madonna, who opened her act with a new song called Hey You, written especially for the event, featuring a children’s choir.

She went on to sing La Isla Bonita with gypsy band Gogol Bordello, and managed to offend some viewers with her racy post-watershed language:

“There’s been a lot of people conserving their energy tonight, but now I want to see all of you giving it up. Come on motherf*****s!”

The Wembley show was anchored by Jonathan Ross in the studio and featured a gaggle of big acts, including Razorlight, Snow Patrol, the Black Eyed Peas and James Blunt. Special guests included Boris Becker, Penelope Cruz, Ricky Gervais and David Tennant. Comedian Eddie Izzard told the audience: “A lot of us are going to come out and tell you to do things tonight. A lot of stuff we tell you we’ll also have to do ourselves. But with two billion people watching, today is the day to start.”

To watch Madonna’s performance of Hey You, click here.

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