Lives torn apart as SECRETS and LIES are revealed in today’s Home and Away

Today's Home and Away sees a family destroyed as the truth behind Brody's affair with Simone is revealed...

Yesterday’s Home and Away saw Ziggy Astoni finally unearth the heartbreaking truth that husband Brody Morgan has been having an affair with Simone Bedford.

It was the moment that Home and Away fans have been waiting for after months of the pair sneaking behind Ziggy’s back, but it was still heartbreaking to watch.

Today’s trip to Summer Bay sees the fallout of Brody’s lies as the news that he has been cheating sends shockwaves through both the Astonis and Mogans.

Home and Away, Ziggy Morgan, Maggie Astoni

Ziggy is comforted by mum Maggie after discovering the truth about Brody’s affair…

But how will Ziggy, the person at the centre of it all, cope with the news her life has changed beyond recognition?

As she dashes home to her mum and dad after finding Brody in bed with Simone, Ben is shocked to see the state his daughter is in and comforts her as she tells him what has happened.

But even though she knows that she can’t stand the thought of even looking at her cheating husband, she understands she needs to speak to him to find out if this is a one off fling or something long-term.

Home and Away, Ziggy Morgan

Ziggy is devastated after hearing Brody’s declaration of love for Simone today…

However, as Ziggy finally finds the strength to go to the Morgans’ house and confront Brody, she finds her heart breaking all over again as she overhears Brody telling his brothers that he can’t help what happened because he’s in love with Simone.

The pair fight it out in the garden, but as Brody struggles to justify what he has done, Ziggy comes to the sickening realisation that their marriage is over for good and calls her parents to come and collect her.

But it’s not just Ziggy that Brody’s actions have hurt.

Home and Away, Mason Morgan, Brody Morgan

Mason can’t believe that his brother is a cheat…

Both Maggie and Ben are upset after they welcomed him into their family, and Justin also finds himself on the receiving end of a few harsh words when it becomes clear that he knew Brody was up to no good.

Mason also struggles with the fact his brother has done the dirty, and tells Justin that their family is full of liars and cheats.

But it seems the fall out from Brody’s actions won’t just hurt Ziggy, because when Mason makes a huge decision at the end of the episode, it seems his brother’s influence is about to land him in some very serious trouble.

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