Loose Women: 11 Things TV Has Taught Us

Loose Women Coleen Nolan, Kaye Adams, Sherrie Hewson and Andrea McLean reveal what television has done for them…

Loose Women panellists Coleen Nolan, Kaye Adams, Sherrie Hewson and Andrea McLean tell TV Times what television has done for them…


Colleen Nolan in Loose Women

1 You don’t need to be friends to be great co-stars

Over the years the Loose Women have changed panellists many times, sometimes you blink and it’s a new person sat next to you!

Change is what makes telly fresh and whilst lots of different women have sat beside me on that famous set, sometimes the person that you got on with the least in real life often makes a great telly co-star.

It’s good to have confrontation and disagreements because that’s what happens in real life – you don’t always get on, but you have to find a way to communicate. And the viewers love it when we have a ding-dong because that’s what happens in most houses!

That being said, the current line up of Loose Women is my favourite ever and the least stressful environment it’s ever been. I’ll never leave Loose Women again – I love it it now more than ever and I’m so glad the audience still love us too!

2 Never move to Emmerdale

Jake Roche in Emmerdale

It’s one of my favourite shows, my son Jake has even been in it and whilst I’m addicted to watching it and love the idea of country life, I always think, thank god I don’t live in Emmerdale. Peaceful countryside? Not there!

Every night it’s adultery, addiction, murder, revenge and barely any cow milking! Who says you need to be on past the watershed at 9pm – ‘Dallas With Dung’ over in Emmerdale does me just fine!



Kaye Adams in Loose Women

3 Never judge a book by its cover

It is one of the great privileges of TV in general, and Loose Women in particular, that we get a chance to work beside such a diverse range of colleagues from all different backgrounds and with different opinions and experiences.

And it is always very tempting to make a snap judgement about someone who is very different from yourself, but I have learned it’s nearly always the wrong thing to do. Nadia is a good example. When I first met her I thought she was an overly theatrical fruit loop who would drive me crazy. She is an overly theatrical fruit loop, but I love her dearly.

4 Don’t take yourself too seriously

Kaye Adams on a bed of cabbages

It’s a tendency, especially as we get older, to get a bit precious and start to believe your own publicity. Television is brilliant at bringing you back down to earth.

Having now, on Loose Women, posed near naked in a bed of cabbages, exposed my undies at a major awards ceremony and sat through an entire show dressed as a tomato, I am in no doubt that I do not deserve to be taken seriously.

5 Professional TV make-up artists are wizards with supernatural powers

When I roll off the overnight train from Glasgow at 7am and catch sight of myself in the mirror, even I get a fright. It never ceases to amaze me how the make-up team manage to work some kind of miracle. If they didn’t, there would have to be a warning triangle on the screen.



Sherrie Hewson on Loose Women

6 Never put on weight

Because the telly adds an extra 10lb on you.

7 Never to go out on a school night

It’s very hard to hide it the next day.

8 Think before you admit to anything on air

Because the whole world will know!



Andrea McLean on Loose Women

9 Your parents will find out more about you than they really needed to know when you work in telly

Especially if you work on a show like ours where complete and utter honesty is encouraged. Even my neighbours know more about me than they should. It can make Sunday dinners a little awkward.

10 Retired men are rubbish liars

Andrea could retire to the Cotswolds

If I had a pound for every retired old gentleman who told me they NEVER watch Loose Women, only to follow that up with all their favourite bits, favourite women and celebrity guests over the years, I’d have, well, quite a big pile of pound coins. I couldn’t retire or anything, but I could possibly have a weekend in the Cotswolds on the money I’d make!

11 No two days are ever the same

Which is why I love it. There’s nothing like working live telly, I get a real kick out of everyone pulling it all together, in front of camera and behind the scenes. Then the second it’s over, it’s forgotten and it’s on to the next day! It keeps you on your toes.


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