ITV1’s Loose Women Carol McGiffin, Denise Welch, Sherrie Hewson and Jane McDonald talk about their style and how to have a good time

How did you choose your outfits for the shoot?
Carol: “I chose the dress to go with these designer boots – they make me so tall. I’d hate to be short. I’ve chosen a short dress because longer skirts are ageing.”
Denise: “I’m having a fat day today, so I didn’t want to go sleeveless. I glammed the dress up with a bit of bling.”
Sherrie: “The others are in dresses, so I thought I’d wear a trouser suit. I love dressing up. The most glamourous of us is Jane McDonald. She dresses up every day and puts us all to shame.”
Jane: “This mermaid dress is a bit Jessica Rabbit; I hope it flatters me. It was Carol who saw it and said: ‘That’s Jane. Put her in that.’ We know each other that well.”

Do you normally like getting glammed up?
Denise: “I’m not Jane McDonald, I don’t get glammed up to go to the supermarket. I do the school run in my pajamas and a baseball cap. I’d love to be glamorous, but I just can’t be bothered.”
Carol: “My style is very casual. I’m not the type to get up early to have my hair dyed and my nails done. Getting ready takes me half an hour. I don’t make a lot of effort. I’m a bit lazy.”
Sherri: “I was onstage from the age of four, so I’ve only known sequins and tulle all my life; it was my education. I love a party frock.”
Jane: “I really struggle with dressing down. I feel more comfortable dressed up than in jeans. I like the glamourous life.”
Denise: “Jane doesn’t turn right on an aeroplane!”
Jane: “You’re right, I don’t.”

Do you party together?
Jane: “When it’s work, it’s work, and we don’t have a chance to socialise, so when we actually get a chance to have a day together we love it; we get a chance to catch up on all the gossip.”
Sherrie: “When we do sometimes go out it’s fantastic, and we get a little bit too drunk and do party a bit too hard, but we have a fantastic time.”
Denise: “I haven’t seen Jane for ages because she’s been on tour and I’ve been doing Waterloo Road. Carol and I are the main party girls. But we all live in different places, so it’s special when we do get together.”

Do you like letting loose?
Denise: “Carol and I do like to lead each other astray. The media have labelled me Party Spice; it’s fine – I’d rather be Party Spice than Boring Spice.”
Sherrie: “I’m not that good with alcohol; it doesn’t like me very much. I had fallen in and out of lifts when I was about 20, but those days are done now.”
Jane: “I probably really could outdrink the lot of them – I’m a northerner – I just don’t do what they do. I love to watch them – they’re like teenagers! – but I always remember that it’s going to be in the papers tomorrow.”

Do you care less what other people think of you as you get older?
Sherrie: “No, I care more. If I were to hurt anyone or say the wrong thing, I get sleepless nights.”
Denise: “I care what the people close to me think, but if I worried about headlines I would never go out.”
Carol: “It’s not like we don’t know how to behave, it’s that Denise and I don’t care what people think when we enjoy ourselves. If we’re a bit drunk, so what?”

What are you doing for Christmas?
Sherrie: “I’ll spend it with my daughter, grandson, my mother and all my relatives from Wales, so it’s a manic time. But I won’t be cooking. I did all my cooking during my marriage.”
Denise: “I’m going away to the Caribbean on a cruise which I’ve done for the past two years because of my ‘Bah humbug!’ attitude to Christmas. The only downside is that our son Matthew isn’t coming.”
Carol: “I’ve always gone away at Christmas, but because I’m holding my 50th birthday party abroad in the New Year – I’m not saying where – I can’t do both. So I’m staying here with my fiance Mark.”
Jane: “My man and I are going to lock the door and not let anybody in.”

Are you friends off-screen?
Carol: “We’re really great friends and very close.”
Denise: “I’ve been friends with most of the girls since way before Loose Women started.”
Jane: “Except you and I can’t remember how we met all that time ago. It was in a drunken stupor.”
Sherrie: “All the girls have helped me so much through the last 10 years. Talking to them off-air and on-air has been very therapeutic, and they’ve been like counsellors to me. I don’t know how I would have dealt with all that’s happened to me without the friendships I’ve had here. I love them all.”
Jane: “I’m getting emotional just hearing you talk like that! It’s true we are really close, like sisters. It’s a wonderful show to do.”

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