Loose Women’s Lisa: ‘I’d consider adopting’

Loose Women panellist Lisa Maxwell says she’s considering expanding her family by adopting.

The former Bill actress, 48, who played DI Sam Nixon in the police drama until 2009, says she would have liked to have had more children.

Mother-of-one Lisa, who suffered two unexplained miscarriages while working on The Bill, said: “I have a wonderful daughter, but part of me regrets not being able to share and give love to more children.”

The actress, who proposed to her partner, sculptor Paul Jessup, on 29 February, said: “Paul and I have talked about adoption, although we haven’t come to any decision.”

Lisa, whose daughter Beau is 12, said she hasn’t been tempted back into any acting roles.

“I have so much – a brilliant family and work that I absolutely love on Loose Women,” she said.

“I miss acting, of course, but for the time being the right role hasn’t come along and I don’t want anything which would take me away from the family while Beau is so young.”

Lisa, a former smoker, is endorsing the Don’t Go Cold Turkey campaign, which aims to help smokers who want to quit see what options are available to them.

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