Vain Apprentice hopeful Vincent Disneur was sent home with his tail between his legs after a surprise double sacking which also saw Lord Sugar fire Ellie Reed.

Vincent’s team were deemed the losers in an advertising task after they tried to market a dog food called EveryDog, despite being advised by a vet that you can’t feed all dogs the same food.

Silver-tongued Irishman Jim Eastwood managed to talk his way out of being taken into The Apprentice boardroom once again, despite taking credit for the brand name and clearly earning the scorn of Lord Sugar.

Ellie thought Jim should have been brought in for the boardroom showdown and was pleased to hear Vincent had also been axed, after facing Lord Sugar in every five task so far.

She said: “When I heard he’d been fired, too, I felt it was justified because I guess he was probably pretty smug when I got fired.

“He took me and Natasha in strategically – or didn’t take Jim in, who deserved to get fired. So yeah, he deserved to get fired for that.”

Ellie, 33, said she believed Vincent must have been kicking himself for protecting his friend Jim.

She said: “He regrets not taking Jim in. It was Jim’s idea and Jim was the downfall of the task and so he should have thought for himself a little bit more. But if he’d taken Jim in, it might have been a different story.”

Although Jim may have been the architect of their downfall, Ellie defended him.

She insisted: “He’s a great bloke. But he knew that his idea was the downfall of the task and probably had a word in Vince’s ear on who he thought should go, as in me and Natasha, and somehow managed to convince Vince that that was the right idea.”