Lord Alan Sugar has admitted his “guilt” over not spending enough time with his mother before she died.

The star of reality show The Apprentice told Piers Morgan he thought he was selfish when he was younger.

He said: “When my dad died, my mum lived on for another seven or eight years, and you know, she was in a flat in her house and I reflected with guilt that I didn’t have her round every other day, or didn’t give her my time.

“I don’t think she wanted money, I don’t think she wanted extravagant homes or holidays, what she wanted was me. Yeah. And that I didn’t give. I didn’t give me.”

The son of a tailor, Lord Sugar was born in Hackney, east London.

His CV already boasted interests in business, property, football and television before he was made a peer by Gordon Brown.

He started in business early making extra money from boiling and selling beetroot from a stall while at school.

He founded electronics company Amstrad – an acronym of Alan Michael Sugar Trading – in 1968.

It was sold to broadcaster BSkyB for £125 million in July 2007.

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