Lord Sugar struggles to rein in anger with kids

Lord Sugar has confessed he has to rein in his anger on The Young Apprentice to stop himself upsetting the young contestants.

The business mogul, who lets rip in the boardroom on his reality show before firing the poor performers, admitted he had to remind himself he is dealing with children when making the junior version of the show.

Lord Sugar said: “It’s a bit of a balance of trying to maintain authority, but also remember you’ve got 16 and 17 year olds in front of you. It is a balance.”

The Apprentice star revealed he would not be making another series of The Celebrity Apprentice because ‘they can be a bit difficult to deal with some of these people’.

But he confirmed another series of The Apprentice and The Young Apprentice were already in the pipeline.

Lord Sugar wasn’t giving away who might win this year’s series, and said he has learned not to choose a favourite as the contestants often surprise him.

He said: “Over the years I have learned that your initial instincts normally change over a while because people grow with the process and whereas you may favour an individual, some start to want and some start to shine through and we’ve seen that a number of times.”

Lord Sugar also promised he would be lording his new Bafta for Best Reality Series over his Twitter rival Piers Morgan.

He laughed: “I’m banned from tweeting because of the live broadcast. He will be getting it in the neck later don’t worry, one way or another.”