Lorraine Kelly: ‘I’d never go on The Apprentice!’

GMTV presenter and Apprentice fan Lorraine Kelly tells us why she’s a massive fan of the BBC reality show – and also why she could never appear on it!

Where will you be on Sunday evening?

“I will be on the sofa, glued to the final of The Apprentice. I have been a massive fan since day one. It’s such a simple premise, but it works so well. The show has drama, excitement and the shots of London are gorgeous – the city has never looked more slick and sassy.”

What is your favourite thing about the show?

“Nick and Margaret _ they’re the true stars. While the motormouth candidates ramble on and on talking complete gobbledegook, all Nick has to do is wince and you know exactly what he’s thinking without him having to say a word. The same goes for Margaret – one lift of her elegant eyebrow speaks volumes!”

And what about the man himself?

“I think Sir Alan genuinely cares about the fruit loops and wannabes who come in front of him in the boardroom to be cut down to size. You can sense his frustration when they make so many basic howlers!”

Who has been your favourite contestant throughout this series?

“My hero was James. He was a thoroughly nice bloke who seemed utterly bewildered by the loopy attention seekers he was surrounded by. I’m sure he felt like he’d stumbled into an alternative universe where everyone has a rampant ego, but without the ability to back up their baffling self-belief. He was a big soft teddy bear, who would be genuinely hurt when he was criticised or taken into the boardroom.”

And who has got on your nerves?

“Ben was intensely irritating. I loved it when he was dressed as a great big green parrot and wasn’t allowed to do anything but squawk! That said, he did deliver my favourite line of the series. He said that making money is ‘better than sex’ – this is from a man who probably shouts out his own name during bedroom activities. Hilarious!”

Would you like to be on The Apprentice?

“Never! I would be hopeless in the corporate world and couldn’t sell to save my life!”

The final of The Apprentice is on Sunday June 7 at 9pm on BBC One.

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