Lorraine Kelly: ‘Working out has helped me drop three dress sizes’

Lorraine Kelly revealed how exercise had made her feel mentally better

Lorraine Kelly has revealed that she has dropped three dress sizes after committing to a regular exercise routine.

The 58-year-old star, speaking on her show Lorraine, said in the past she’d always found excuses not to exercise, but now she does and it’s transformed her life.

“Like so many people, I found excuses not to commit to a regular exercise routine. But after finding exercise I really enjoy, and going to Maxine’s classes regularly, I feel better not only physically but mentally too.

Lorraine Kelly drops three dress sizes, before and after

She added in a chat with Dr Hilary, that it had helped with the anxiety she had suffered due to the menopause. “We were talking last year about the menopause and how difficult that can be for everybody, I did get quite anxious… and it really helps with that. It’s like I’ve had a spring clean in my head. It’s like being re-set, it really is.”

Lorraine, who recently revealed she has no plans to retire, went on: “It happens to everyone and I don’t think anybody should feel ashamed in any way. Sometimes I feel completely overwhelmed.

“I’m better now, I have got HRT and I swear by it, I know it’s not for everybody.

“I walk miles with Angus and that’s good for the soul, it really is. I don’t know what it is about having a small dog.”

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As she stressed the mental health benefits of exercise, Lorraine, who was launching a new body confidence series “Work It Out” on today’s show, said: “Working out has helped me drop three dress sizes and changed my life in an important way.”

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