Lorraine Kelly and Nadia Sawalha talk to TV Times magazine about preparing for the party season, avoiding fad diets and how to get a new you by Christmas…

Hi! Can you talk us through The Real Women’s Little Black Dress Diet?
“In the summer we did the Real Women’s Bikini Diet and it was amazing. People really liked the fact it was attainable – we’re not saying you have to suffer, you can get fit and healthy just by putting a bit of work in.”
Nadia: “We’re not from the gang that wants everyone to cut down to 600 calories or run for two hours a day. From the fashion through to the fitness and food it’s going to be do-able for anybody.”

So it’s a practical diet, but do we need pricey health foods and gym memberships?
“People think eating healthily means eating expensively but it doesn’t; in fact people would save money if they followed the food plan. Things like tinned sardines that you can make delicious with a little lemon and chilli are really good for you and actually incredibly cheap. A-List diets cost so much!”
Lorraine: “Plus you fall off the wagon, you can’t possibly stick to them for a long time, it’s just silly.”

Lorraine, why are you so keen to include this diet on your show?
“We want to give women the information that we’ve learned ourselves, because we know what it’s like. My weight’s gone up to a size 16 and back down again and this is the longest that I’ve kept it at a level I’m really happy with. It’s a combination of eating properly, exercising and feeling better about myself.”

How do you cope with cravings for desserts?
“If I turn down one doughnut at the beginning of the week I have loads by Friday because I obsess about it – denial just leads to bingeing. I ate one of the cakes here and actually it was so delicious that I’m totally happy with it. The old me would say, ‘I can’t have any cakes’, and I’d get into such a state that by the time I left I’d have wolfed them all.”

Why is it so important to eat well?
“It’s about health and making the best of your life. We have a massive obesity problem in this country and it’s heartbreaking seeing young girls and boys struggling with their weight. I think it’s really important to all eat as a family when you can. I hate the idea of everybody sitting with trays, watching the telly in different rooms of the house.”
Nadia: “I think when you sit and eat on your own it’s very easy to consume vast amounts of food. It’s called unconscious eating. I realised I spent so much time standing and eating. Now I have to I sit down and say I’m eating this thing and I’m going to enjoy it.”

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