Lorraine Kelly said her accident could have been much worse as she finally left hospital more than a week after falling from a horse.

The ITV star, 52, who is reportedly set to become the new face of Daybreak, was taken to St George’s Hospital in Tooting, south London, last week when the horse trampled on her leg following the fall.

She lost blood in the accident and underwent surgery for a deep wound to one of her thighs.

Lorraine said on Twitter: “Finally out of hospital. Thanks for all your lovely tweets – really means a lot to know you are thinking of me. It was a bad accident but could have been so much worse.”

She later added: “Staff at Gunning Ward in St George’s Hospital were brilliant. NHS at its finest. My thanks to all of them – kind, caring and professional.”

The fall happened while she was training for a modern pentathlon she was taking part in for the charity Piggy Bank Kids.

During her second lesson for the riding discipline she fell from the saddle approaching a jump.

Lorraine’s injuries are expected to take around four weeks to heal and her TV show Lorraine is being presented by Helen Fospero in her absence.

The star came out of hospital as The Sun reported she would be key anchor on Daybreak, joined by Five News presenter Matt Barbet.

The move would effectively see Daybreak scrapped because Lorraine would go on air at around 7am – an hour later than Daybreak’s current start time – and stay on air until her usual show finishes at 9.25am.