Lorraine p-p-patches up penguins!

Morning TV star Lorraine Kelly swaps interviewing celebs for shaking flippers with penguins in her new two-part documentary series for Channel 5.

In Penguin A&E, Lorraine visits the SANCCOB seabird sanctuary in Cape Town, South Africa, where staff are battling to save Africa’s only species of penguin, which is endangered. It’s not easy as the birds’ colony is right next to the city, meaning they have to face man-made dangers like busy roads as well as natural ones like predators.

In the first episode, a penguin is brought in with a fishhook caught in its stomach and staff fear he won’t survive. But he defies the odds after the hook is removed and rewards his rescuers with such bad behaviour, they name him Bandit!

“He’s completely wild and not best pleased to be here,” says Lorraine. “He’s slapping and biting any other penguins that come near him and proving a real handful for the vets. He’s giving lots of people cuts and bruises – they call them ‘Bandit’s love bites’ but I think they’ll be relieved when he goes back to the wild!”

*Penguin A&E with Lorraine Kelly is on Tuesday 10 May at 9pm on Channel 5

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