Lorraine Kelly explains why she was delighted to read a story to Bookaboo on Mini CITV (weekdays)…

You share a story with Bookaboo this week. What inspired you to get involved.
“I was honoured to be asked, because I’m passionate about making sure that kids enjoy books – be it with a paperback or on an iPad – and this show brings stories to life, it’s beautifully done…
“Reading with my daughter, Rosie, who’s now 16, was such a bonding experience. We used to read Each Peach Pear Plum when she was really tiny. I even bought those little cloth books, but she just looked at the colours and chewed on them!”

And did you pass on your own childhood favourites?
“What I loved was reliving all my favourite books from when I was a child, like the Rudyard Kipling Just So stories, Enid Blyton and Tufty, the road safety squirrel. There’s nothing like cuddling up with your children and reading – it’s one of the best gifts you can give them.”

Where did your passion for reading come from?
“My parents are voracious readers, so books have always been part of my life. My mum used to read to me from a beautifully illustrated book of children’s fairy tales. Nowadays she’s always phoning me up with recommendations – we do a book swap every week!”

You’re incredibly busy, when do you get time to read?
“I finish work at about 9.30am on a Thursday morning, jump on the back of a motorbike to London City airport and I’ll be in my house in Dundee before 1pm. I’ve always got something with me to read on the plane.”

Any current favourites?
“I’ve just finished an absolutely mammoth Jilly Cooper book, but I’ve got very eclectic taste. I like everything from old classics to non-fiction writing about polar exploration.”

And TV Times hears you’ve just bought a Kindle, how are you finding it…
“It’s great – when I go on holiday I can download loads of books with just this tiny wee thing. I just take hand luggage when I go away so finally my books aren’t weighing me down any more!”