Louis gets threatened on The X Factor (VIDEO)

Don’t mess with la cosa nostra, Louis – you might wind up with a horse’s head in your bed… or worse!

The X Factor judge received a threat from OAP X Factor auditionee Johnny Rocco when he had the temerity to tell the man his cover of Elvis’s Always On My Mind sounded like a pub singer’s version.

Johnny proceeded to cock his finger like a gun at Louis and gave him what sounded like a death threat in the style of an Italian Godfather.

CLICK here to watch Johnny sing – and threaten Louis

At the Sheffield auditions, student Nathaniel Smith, 16, chose a song from the musical, Dreamgirlds.

His performance was over the top, prompting Simon to say he sounded like he was possessed. But maybe, just maybe, that’s not a bad way to sound when you’re trying to get through to the next round…

CLICK here to watch Nathaniel’s audition

*The X Factor screens on ITV1 on Saturday at 6.20pm, followed by The Xtra Factor on ITV2 at 8.35pm

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