Louis let us down, say Eton Road

Louis Walsh has been slammed by last year’s X Factor finalists Eton Road for not fulfilling the promise he made them.

The silver-haired music mogul vowed to get the group a music deal – but they say they have heard nothing since.

Band member James Edwards told the Daily Star: “We’ve been left high and dry because Louis didn’t keep his word. We’re very upset. It gives false hopes to people on the show.”

The four-piece were told they could compete with the likes of Westlife and Take That – but then they faced the judges vote alongside Ben Mills, and Sharon and Simon decided to save Ben.

Louis told the audience: “I’ll get these guys a recording deal. This is the start.”

The band are still waiting for a deal – and their problems escalated after band member Anthony Hannah left to pursue a solo career.

James added: “Millions of people heard Louis say he’d get us a record deal and nothing has happened. It’s very embarrassing as everyone’s asking if we’re signed – and we’re not.

“I’d hate for anyone on this year’s show to be told they will get a record deal and then spend months hanging around with false hopes. It’s soul destroying.”

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