Louis Smith to focus on ADHD in Secret Past

Louis Smith will be among those featured in the next series of Channel Five’s My Secret Past as he reveals his past struggles with ADHD.

The show will feature the Olympic gymnast turned Strictly Come Dancing champion on a personal journey to find out more about the condition, which he was diagnosed with at the age of six.

He will also reveal more about how gymnastics helped him to control the disorder, as well as discovering whether it may come back to haunt him in the future.

The new series of the show will air in 2014, and will also feature Jennifer Ellison talking about her battles with post-natal depression as well as Kerry Katona discussing her mental health problems.

“In My Secret Past, celebrities open up and reveal deeply personal insights into the issues they’ve faced in their lives – from mental health problems to ADHD,” Channel Five’s Jason Wells explained.

“Their efforts to confront head on these tough subjects that have affected not only them but also many other people in the UK, along with a desire to help other suffers make for a moving and inspiring programme.”

Producer Paul Durgan said the show would take a look at ‘celebrities in the raw’.

“As they journey back into their past, we witness both their shock/some shocking revelations and the strength they have found to cope with the issue that’s impacted on their life,” he added.

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