Louis Walsh has criticised X Factor’s Danyl Johnson saying that he doesn’t ‘like him as a person’ and claiming that he has a ‘bad vibe’.

Louis told The Independent that he does respect his singing abilities: “He did the best first audition we saw. Brilliant. No matter what you throw at him, he’ll take it on.

“Vocally, he’s prepared to take risks and he’s not afraid to move around. But I don’t think he’s gonna win: he’ll be second or third.

“I don’t like him as a person, but as a performer he’s great. He’s got this bad vibe – he came in a bit sure of himself.”

The judge added: “Unlike everybody else, he’s been around the block, singing in karaoke competitions around London and he’s picked up a lot of habits from that.

“He has confidence, but it’s all front: I don’t think deep inside he’s that confident. Any other year he could have been a potential winner but this year, he’s got a lot of competition and Joe and Olly are more likeable.”

Louis revealed that his favourite to win is Joe McElderry, claiming that his Elton John cover last weekend ‘stole the show’.

He said: “Joe’s going to win. He started off like a little West End star, a bit Gareth Gates. But his vocal has got incredibly good. Day by day, we’re watching him grow and like Simon said, he’s turned into a man in the last week.”