Louis Walsh: ‘My acts won’t win X Factor’

Louis Walsh has clashed with fellow X Factor judge Simon Cowell and conceded defeat in the hit show at a star-studded awards ceremony.

Louis, who has been chosen to mentor the groups on the ITV1 talent show again this year, moaned that his contestants were inexperienced and wrote off their chances of success, saying: “I’ll get into the final, but I won’t win.”

Speaking at the Daily Mirror Pride of Britain awards at Grosvenor House in central London, Louis also said rival judge Simon was spoiled for choice as mentor of the over-25s, adding: “He always gets the best ones.”

He continued: “They’ve all been round the block a fair bit. They’ve all got more experience than mine.”

Simon said: “Oh that’s positive, thanks for taking part.”

He criticised Louis’ attitude and accused him of not doing his job properly.

“They’re not exactly going to have bags of confidence after this, are they?” he said.

Simon went on: “It’s not a question of being spoiled for choice, it’s how you prepare your contestants on the day. And I prepare my contestants better than the others.”