The X Factor judge Louis Walsh has reportedly said that he is fed up with being a judge on the show – and is ready to quit.

According to the Mirror the 59-year-old – who is mentoring the over 25s in this year’s contest does not like the changes which have been made to the show, and is even less keen on the new judges.

In an interview with former judge Dannii Minogue on the MyDaily website, he said, “It’s series eight, it’s tough, it’s no fun.

“Everyone is taking it so seriously. The other judges all want to win. It takes over your life, it’s like a soap opera 24/7.”

And when asked if he might leave the show he said it was currently “50/50” whether he would return for the next series or not.

“You only live once and I want my life,” he said. “I don’t want to be dealing with all these crazy people, and that’s just the judges.

“When I started on the show eight years ago it used to be fun and it was never work hanging out with Sharon Osbourne and Simon, but things have changed too much,” Louis added. “I love Tulisa but I’m not close to the others.

“Now it has become a proper job. I think it could well be the right time to bow out. Simon has always said my job is safe but I never wanted to be a TV star anyway.”