Louise Redknapp: My quest for eternal youth

Louise Redknapp joins Anna Richardson to co-present a new Channel 4 series How Not to Get Old ((Wednesday), which investigates the latest scientific developments in anti-ageing treatments…

Surely you can’t be worried about ageing just yet, Louise?
“As a 38-year-old mum, I just want to look good for my age and keep ageing well. I was interested in exploring quick, cost-effective ways of doing that. The point of the series was for me and (co-presenter) Anna Richardson to say, ‘We’ve tried this and it works, but this doesn’t.’”
What kind of treatments did you try?
“I looked at natural ways of holding back the years – everything from facial acupuncture to beauty gadgets, diet and make-up. But nutrition can make a massive difference to the way we look and I discovered that beetroot and turmeric are the most anti-ageing foods you can eat.
Tell us more about the gadgets!
“I’m testing a range that you could can buy from a shop for between £100 to £1000. Is there one that I could immediately say it’s taken five years off me? No. There are a few things that improve the texture of the skin, but a lot of gadgets on the market are a massive waste of money.”
What is Anna’s role?
“She explores some of the more painful new treatments out there – things that stop just short of surgery but may involve knives and needles. One weird procedure she tried called Vampire Therapy, got rid of dark circles around her eyes, but left her badly bruised. Compared to her, I had it easy!”
Does each episode feature ordinary people who are desperate for cosmetic surgery?
“All the contributors are people for who’ve aged badly in particular ways, whether it’s stretch marks or a saggy stomach, and surgery is now their only option. We follow their journeys from start to finish. In most cases surgery gives them their confidence back, though not all the operations were effective.”
Which of your treatments impressed you the most?
“Facial acupuncture. I never knew it existed, but I swear by it now. It claims to help fine lines and wrinkles and although I haven’t completed the course, it’s given my skin a really healthy glow. It’s inexpensive and you could have it done in your lunch break.”
Has the show changed your views about ageing or cosmetic surgery?
“My views about ageing haven’t massively changed, but I’m sure they’ll be different 10 years from now. There’s a lot to be said for growing old gracefully. I think there’s something very attractive about a 60-plus woman who looks her age, but is still beautiful and healthy with great-looking skin, and I just want to look good for my age. I’d never say never to cosmetic surgery. If it got to a stage where that was the best option I’d absolutely do it. It’s just not something I‘d rush into or start with, I’d have to go through a few other processes first.”
What other tips did you pick up?
“I now cook with coconut oil rather than olive oil. I’d been buying the purest olive oil I could find from the best shops because it’s fab for your skin. But I didn’t realise that as soon as you cook with it, it turns into an ageing ‘bad’ fat. I was throwing £20 away every time!”