Louise Redknapp has apparently admitted that she risked her health to slim down to a size 0 for a TV show.

The 32-year-old mum-of-one, who is married to football pundit Jamie, 33, says she spent a month on starvation rations at a boot camp in Los Angeles, according to the Daily Star.

Normally a trim size 8, the model went on a crash diet to see what it’s like to be a skinny waif. Famous celebrities, who famously boast a size 0 frame, include Victoria Beckham and Nicole Richie.

The blonde says the experiment left her a wreck – she had no energy, trouble sleeping and lost her libido.
She said: “I’ve felt pressure to be stick-thin and wanted to highlight the damage young girls can do to their bodies.

“I hope my experiment helps people to see the real dangers of the extreme skinny look.”

The show, The Truth About Size Zero, will be screened on ITV1 later this year.