Love in the Countryside: Meet all the potential lovebirds on Sara Cox’s new dating show

Sarah Cox reveals why she's playing matchmaker as we meet all the busy rural workers looking for love in her new BBC2 series, Love in the Countryside

Sara Cox is wearing her heart on her sleeve and wellies on her feet in new BBC2 series Love in the Countryside.

Half-dating show, half fly-on-the-wall documentary, it sees Sara help eight British farmers take time out from their demanding lives and make some room for romance.

Sara Cox Love in the Countryside

In the opening episode, Sara persuades everyone to leave their farms and swiftly sets up some speed dates and the amorous agriculturists must decide who they’d like to get to know better – and, naturally, this involves invites to the farms and some mucking in!

“I’m quite soppy and the thought of helping farming people find love is really appealing. Also the countryside dynamic to the show is so interesting. It’s a completely new angle. It’s fascinating to explore the roles of farmers,” says Sara, explaining why she wanted to take part in Love in the Countryside.

She added: “It would be fantastic to help the singletons on the show find ‘The One’. I envisage future children being called Sara! I’m joking, but it would be lovely to get nice stories out of this. I’m emotionally involved with everyone on the show. They’re all different but genuinely lovely people.”

Without further ado, let’s meet the busy rural workers looking for their perfect partner on Love in the Countryside…