Lucy Liu is apparently set to be the first woman to play Doctor Watson in American TV series Elementary.

The Charlie’s Angels star is said to be taking on the role of Sherlock Holmes’ trusted companion in the pilot of the new show, which gives a modern-day spin on the world famous detective story, said The Hollywood Reporter.

English actor Jonny Lee Miller is already on board in the lead role of the British sleuth.

Lucy’s reported casting would make her the first female to play the popular sidekick, most recently played on the big screen by Jude Law.

Other actors who have filled the role include Sir Ben Kingsley, Dudley Moore, James Mason, Robert Duvall, Martin Freeman and Ian Hart.

Lucy – who most recently voiced the Viper in Kung Fu Panda 2 – is currently on TV in US crime drama Southland.

“I’ve loved being on Southland because it’s not a pampered environment. You’re really doing it and you’re doing it live,” she said.

“There’s something really wonderful about that. I like being able to do indie films and TV. It’s a good balance for me.”