The final series of Luther reached a gripping finale on Tuesday night and viewers were delighted by the return of John Luther’s old friend Alice Morgan.

But we may not have seen the last of Alice, as Ruth Wilson – who plays her in the hit BBC series – has revealed her character could return for the upcoming film adaptation. 

Fans will be even more excited to hear that ‘ideas are spinning’ when it comes to a proposed Alice Morgan spin-off series!

“I’m in contact with both the boys, Idris and the show’s writer Neil Cross, and there’s lots of debate over both!” she told Digital Spy.

When asked about how Alice would be involved, she responded: “It depends if you go to the origin story of Luther. Alice may be involved, but she may come in at the end. It’s that thing of do you go backwards, forwards or sideways? It depends where they decide to put it, to start it.”

The character made a long-awaited comeback in the series finale and Morgan and Wilson admitted this is a role she enjoys: “She’s quite fun to play. She’s kind of quirky and has fun with other people.”

Whether they have fun with her is another matter…