Adam Rodriguez, who stars in this week’s big movie release Magic Mike XXL, has revealed that he cannot wait to start work on the second series of Empire.

The actor, who plays Tito in the comedy movie about male strippers, is to join the cast of the Channel 4 show as Laz Delgado, a potential love interest for Cookie.

The cast of Empire The cast of Empire (Fox)

“I am going to play a concert promoter suffering from PTSD, a former NYPD officer who was a first responder during 9/11 and had to cross some paths with Cookie,” he said.

The actor teased: “We see something in each other and I think there may be some relationships that build out of that.”

As well as his role in the Magic Mike films, Adam is also known for playing Eric “Delko” Delektorsky in CSI: Miami.

“I’m loving doing any kind of jobs these days where I can have this kind of a good time,” he said, referring to Magic Mike XXL.

“It’s so rare and then you get that experience and you want to carry it through to the next job. I’m looking forward to something I’m doing next called Empire, and I’m hoping to bring the spirit of Magic Mike into that.”

The first series of Empire continues on E4 on Tuesday at 9.00pm and Magic Mike XXL is in cinemas now.