MAJOR embarrassment for THIS Neighbours couple as they get caught in a VERY compromising position

There's hilarious drama heading for Neighbours today when one Ramsay Street couple find their secret relationship outed in the most embarrassing way...

Neighbours fans are in for a treat today as Roxy Willis and Mark Brennan find their secret romance outed in the most hilarious way.

Viewers have watched the miss-matched pair spend the last few weeks sneaking around, keeping their romance under wraps.

But today’s Neighbours sees straight-laced Mark and wild child Roxy caught in a compromising position, forcing them to reveal their romance to get out of their drama.

Neighbours, Mark Brennan, Roxy Willis

Mark and Roxy have been secretly dating for weeks (Picture: Channel 5)

First the pair are almost caught out when Roxy arrives at Mark’s house looking for an afternoon of passion, only to be greeted by an oblivious Chloe at the door.

Chloe is totally bemused when Roxy makes an excuse for her being at Mark’s door and as Roxy pretends she needs to borrow a cup of sugar, Chloe’s left none the wiser that her older brother has been secretly hooking up with his neighbour.

But later when Roxy makes a second attempt to lure Mark to bed, her flirting works a charm, and with Mark already dressed in his police uniform for work, Roxy promises to show him another use for his handcuffs.

Neighbours, Mark Brennan, Roxy Willis

Mark and Roxy enjoy some kinky business on today’s Neighbours! (Picture: Channel 5)

However, while Mark might prefer Roxy’s use for his police gear than using them to arrest people, the smile is soon wiped off his face when she loses the key, leaving him handcuffed to a table.

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Hilariously, Roxy turns to the only other person who knows about her and Mark for help – Harlow.

Harlow is bemused by Roxy’s pickle and they are forced to ask Ned if he has some bolt cutters that they can use, keeping the reason they need them under wraps.

Neighbours, Roxy Willis, Mark Brennan

Ned now knows thew truth, but will he keep Mark and Roxy’s secret? (Picture: Channel 5)

However, Ned is intrigued why the girls would need the cutters and after they have left for Mark’s house, he follows the pair and walks in on them trying to cut a half-naked Mark free from the table!

Everyone finds the whole thing hilarious, apart from Mark of course, who struggles to see the funny side of things… but with Roxy and Mark’s romance fast becoming common knowledge, how long will it be before the whole of Ramsay Street knows?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5

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