Marcella tonight – Jason wants to take Marcella’s kids away, reveals the actor who plays the cop’s estranged husband

Marcella star Nicholas Pinnock on tonight's episode...

Actor Nicholas Pinnock, who plays the estranged husband of Marcella, has revealed that his character Jason drops a huge bombshell on the detective in tonight’s episode.

Jason knows about her violent blackouts and after being offered a new job in Singapore, Jason tells the cop (Anna Friel) he’s leaving Britain with their two kids and threatens to tell the police about her problem if she doesn’t agree.

“There’s still anger between Jason and Marcella,” Nicholas told What’s On TV. “He knows she can’t be trusted as a parent until she gets help and he wants to move on with his life. Marcella feels like she has no place in the family anymore.”

The news stuns the detective and she visits a psychologist, who urges her to revisit her memories of the night her baby, Juliet, died of cot death.

Meanwhile, she steps up her hunt for a serial killer. She thinks convicted paedophile Phil Dawkins (Peter Sullivan) is her man and tips off the press before arresting him.

Marcella’s moves ruffles feathers at police HQ, but DCI Tim Williamson (Jamie Bamber) is reluctant to discipline the rogue detective in case it might expose their relationship.

“Marcella and Tim are having a casual fling,” explains Nicholas. “But there’s still a spark between Marcella and Jason. I don’t think you’ve seen the end as far as they are concerned!”

Marcella continues tonight on ITV at 9.00pm.