Margaret star Lindsay: ‘I hated Thatcher’

Lindsay Duncan, the actress cast as Baroness Thatcher in a forthcoming BBC drama, has revealed her ‘hatred’ for the former Prime Minister.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Lindsay said: “I suppose, if I’m honest, I hated her. That’s not a big surprise, is it, coming from someone in the arts? At the time, I was very dismayed by a lot of her policies.”

The BBC Two drama, Margaret, shows the formidable Tory Prime Minister clinging to power whilst being politically assassinated by those around her.

“It was very difficult to find any point of access with this woman as a human being – I mean, the way she spoke was often so patronising,” she added.

Starring Ian McDiarmid as Margaret’s loyal husband Denis and Oliver Cotton as her bitter rival Michael Heseltine, the drama explores the ‘vulnerability’ behind the Iron Lady’s steely facade during her last 10 days in Downing Street.

But the Bafta-award winning actress said that her own opinions had not influenced her portrayal of the Iron Lady.

“The way I approached it was to find out more about her,” said Lindsay. “It’s not thinking about my own political beliefs. It’s not relevant to anyone working on it. This isn’t a piece of propaganda. It’s a drama.”

Margaret will be broadcast on BBC Two on February 26.

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