‘Maria may find that Caz is a bunny boiler!’ says Corrie’s Samia Ghadie

Maria is shocked when Caz kisses her in Corrie. But she doesn’t make Caz leave. So, is she asking for trouble? Oh yes, she certainly is!

Maria is in shock when Caz kisses her… And this could be the start of a dangerous obsession. Samia Ghadie reveals all to Soaplife…

Did Maria have any idea Caz fancies her?
“She just thinks Caz [Rhea Bailey] is clingy because she is the only person who’s helped her out when she has nobody else.”

Does the kiss change the way Maria thinks about Caz?
“She’s really not sure how to take it at first. It’s not like a full-on snog and she questions whether she imagined it to be something more than it actually was. She’s very confused. But she realises it wasn’t just a friendly kiss when she tells Audrey [Sue Nicholls] and Sophie [Brooke Vincent] about it, and they joke she’s clearly a ‘gay magnet’!

“They all laugh, but Maria’s actually rather put out. Caz walks in at this point, hears them laughing about her and she runs off.”

Why is Maria worried about that?
“She really doesn’t want to upset Caz. She knows she’s the only person Caz has. She also knows Caz has nowhere to go, so she’s worried about her whereabouts. She feels guilty Caz heard them laughing about the kiss and she wants to make it right again. She feels sorry for Caz and she can’t stand to think of her being alone with nowhere to go.

But she finds her and brings her home. Doesn’t she realise she’s fuelling Caz’s obsession with her?
“It doesn’t cross her mind, although maybe she’s just forcing herself not to think about it. She does try to see the best in everyone and she can be a bit naive, so all she wants is to put things right and say ‘sorry’. Caz agrees to forget about the kiss, which pleases Maria.”

Then Aidan warns Maria off Caz…
Aidan [Shayne Ward] is understandably wary of Caz because of what happened between her and his sister, Kate. But Maria thinks he’s just telling her to steer clear of Caz because he’s protective of Kate [Faye Brookes]. There’s also been some tension between Maria and Aidan since they slept together.”

Is Maria denying her feelings for Aidan?
“A bit. She keeps making snide digs in front of his girlfriend, Eva [Catherine Tyldesley], but she can’t help herself.”

Is there high drama in store for Maria, Aidan and Caz?
“Yes and I’m excited about it – especially as Caz might turn out to be a bit of a bunny boiler!”

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