Mark Benton: Chalky’s gone a bit ‘London’ as he returns to Waterloo Road

A familiar face is due to make a surprise return to Waterloo Road – former maths teacher Daniel ‘Chalky’ Chalk

Chalky turns up at the school to support adopted son Kevin with his bursary interview for university. 

“Chalky’s slightly more London when we catch up with him. He’s got trendier glasses on, but he’s still Chalky!” laughs Mark Benton, talking to What’s on TV about his one-off return to the show.

“It was great to go back to Greenock and see everyone although I didn’t get to go out with them, as I was on the road with Hairspray at the time. I flew to Scotland on the Sunday morning. Filmed Sunday and Monday, and then flew back to do Hairspray. I was tired that week, I can tell you!”

Kevin is a bag of nerves, as he prepares for the interview, so doesn’t exactly welcome Chalky with open arms. But all that’s forgotten when events take a shocking and dramatic turn!

Mark, who’s currently on tour with Strictly Come Dancing, having come seventh place in the celebrity competition, reveals he prefers dancing at Wembley Stadium, to the live television version.

“I’m not as nervous. It’s exciting and great fun. The tour is just like the show with less pressure. I know that sounds daft, but it’s much more easy-going backstage and we’ve all been really enjoying ourselves!”

Watch Mark’s return to Waterloo Road on Wednesday, February 12 on BBC1.