Marriage split was Peter’s fault, claims Jordan

Reality TV star Katie Price has claimed that Peter Andre’s obsessive jealousy led to the break up of their marriage.

Price, aka glamour model Jordan, said in a TV interview with Piers Morgan on Saturday night that Andre had been unable to tolerate her friendship with dressage coach Andrew Gould.

However she denied that the pair had been anything other than friends, and was furious that Andre dumped her after pictures of her and Gould on a night out were published.

“What a waste of a fairytale over stupid pictures of me having a night out, she told Morgan. “It means the kids don’t have their dad there when they wake up in the morning. Is it worth that?”

And she added that losing both her unborn baby then her husband within just weeks of each other had been the worst time of her life – and hit out at Andre, accusing him of being “uncaring”.

“It’s the worst thing for any woman to have to go through,” she said. “If you haven’t got your husband to help support you through such an awful situation that says a lot about the man. I’ve had nothing.

“Not one phone call expressing how sorry he is for the split or how I am feeling after the miscarriage or asking if I’m OK.

“All he is interested in doing is his new album. That’s not the Pete I fell in love with. That’s the Pete I’ve fallen out of love with very quickly. There’s nothing attractive about a man who is not being caring.”

Andre, meanwhwile, is said to have reacted angrily to the interview and the fact that Price had made the loss of their baby public knowledge.

“I can’t believe she’s used the loss of our baby to try and win back support,” the singer said.

“She’s capable of doing and saying anything.”